Tips for choosing the right one?

As we well know, the residential phone plan remains an expense that burdens our budget every month, sometimes representing several hundred euros per month. But it is difficult nowadays to give up this communication tool that has become essential in our daily lives. So to save money on your home phone plan, what should you […]

Why are printed circuit boards important?

Every day of your life, you probably use a bunch of different electronic devices. Most people today have on average: a smartphone a portable PC a tablet a smart watch a game console All of these devices contain various internal components that ensure their operation and performance. Perhaps the most important feature is the printed […]

Do space and time still exist in a black hole?

« Does space and time still exist in a black hole? »Sandy Rucheton asks us on our page Facebook. This is our question of the week. To answer, (re)discover our article originally published in below magazine Les Indispensables de Sciences et Avenir n°209 (dated April/June 2022) et entitled « Journey to the center of a black hole: make […]

High-tech information and trends: constantly evolving

Today’s society is very technology driven. In fact, today most people can access the internet tool, computers and various mobile devices. The world is probably inside the world of high technology and digital. These innovations have impacts on consumers’ daily habits. The essential elements to know about new technologies Researchers continuously bring great changes to […]

The basics of mapping software

With digital innovation, it’s no longer surprising to see software for different applications. Cartography, for example, benefits from specific software to produce different types of maps. Here’s everything you need to know about this type of tool and some tips for making the right choice. Focus on the different features of the mapping software Mapping […]