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What is the subtlety between collaborative and industrial robots?

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If there is any confusion persisting in the robotics today is the qualifier attributed to each type of robot. The evolution in the sector however makes one clear appear distinction between collaborative robot and industrial robot. A distinction that must be sought in the operation of any type of robot to understand it better.

From industrial robots to collaborative robots

Above all, it must be recognized that this is not a mutation in the true sense of robotics, but in a modernization. In other words, the collaborative robots they are not designed to strictly replace the industrial robots. If they are first and foremost robots, collaborative ones must be considered the result of improvement of industrial robots. The good proof is that they all stay resources over time inside industry. In other words, we can find today in a agency at the same time collaborative robots as industrial robots.

The motivation for that Evolution essentially resides in the name » collaborative robot. It was quickly noted that industrial robots have no shortage of merit, only that they have been chastised for the do not share your workspace with other operators. From this insufficiency directly follows the human substitution. So we had to find a file alternative to allow robots to work collaboration with humans.

Distinctive points between industrial robots and collaborative robots

Clearly there are some inside physical aspect It is in the operation. At first they look like collaborative robots less giants compared to industrial robots. A collaborative robot thanks to that format it can therefore be installed and moved easily without safety barriers unlike an industrial robot. It is therefore not dangerous to humans. This collaboration is the first distinctive feature exceptional.

In its operation, the collaborative robot enjoys a versatility allowing it to vary perform tasks In Productive unit. Unlike an industrial robot, it learn new moves practice them over time. Just do it programmer to this end. This is quite a significant difference from industrial robots on site and designed for specific tasks which they perform on a permanent basis.

Another important aspect is the security level in cooperation. Collaborative bots know how to put humans safe unlike industrial robots. Not only do they not replace them in the work, but they do not constitute a Danger for these in work. The collaborative robot immediately identify a hazard In the Work area et it stops automatically. When the danger is over, there is no need to paint the start overThe it restarts automatically. The worker feels safer in these working conditions.

Collaborative robots or industrial robots?

The problem of choice should not arise when one knows use what do we want to do with it. The evidence today is strong adoption of collaborative robots because of their speed et efficiency. The other reality is that industrial robots also continue to take their place in industry. You just have to evaluate for your business the advantage and the disadvantage of each option, although having both types is not a problem.

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